Gloria Jean Gourmet Coffees

Mentor and Professional Writer

Gloria Jean is a mentor to many such as business professionals, cancer patients, woman's groups and business groups.

Below are a few samples of published articles written by Gloria Jean.

In 2000, Gloria Jean wrote her first book called "Journey of Prayer" followed by "Journey of Gloria Jean".
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Gloria Jean's Published Articles

In 1979, I was a very active hairdresser with my own salon, but I decided to buy a shop in Long Grove to sell gourmet coffee. That decision changed my life.

Two mall owners approached me to open my coffee stores in their malls, but they had a lot of restrictions no fresh brewed coffee, no sample giveaways and worse, they were convinced that I would fail. "Gourmet coffee, flavoured coffee, cappuccino no one will buy it in these hard economic times," they said. "No one would pay $7.00 or $8.00 a pound for gourmet coffee." My lawyer, accountant and banker agreed and even friends and family joined the chorus. I was working 6 days a week, 12 to 15 hours a day.

I had to lift my chin, move forward and prove everybody wrong or back away.

In a very short time, I did just that! That little store in Long Grove made it and grew into a well-known chain of stores that changed the history of coffee and the way the world drank it.

One little lady who stuck her chin out, found the energy to see it through and prove that if you really believe you can succeed, you will succeed.

Until next time, may the light always shine on you,

We grow from an egg and seed to a human. Our life is the heart beat of our mothers. It is calm and we float in the birth sack. Sometimes her heart beat picks up and confusion and a rush comes to me. I no not what it is, but we already start to accept it. When things are calm and we are growing, we start to move and stretch our new limbs. Do we know what to do with them, not yet. But we do know that they move and when we move them a certain way, a hand comes to us. She moves her hand slowly over her stomach and makes a circles. Could this be when the circle of life starts? There are times when things are funny, when someone else puts their hand on her stomach and lets us know that they are feeling us. We do smile as some times it is on our butts, and others times, on our heads. They are never happy unless they feel a bigger rounder part of our bodies.

When mom is under stress and it last a long time, we stop moving as we aren't sure what is happening, but it is making us feel strange. Could that be fear as our little world isn't that calm beat of her heart? How strange as my little hearts beat with hers and at this time I can't keep up with her. Stress is new to me, but I know it won't last.

Ahh... but now I am getting so big, it isn't as much fun being here. She is pushing me more then calming me with her hand. I get hung up on her ribs, or I lay on her kidneys. Some were inside I know it is time to leave this safe place and meet her and all those who have patted me.

The time has come and I want to leave, but when I leave and then I will know it will be up to me know how to live in her world. Everything is happening so fast now. I can't stop it nor can she. We are no longer one, I must leave. It is bright and my limbs are flying all over the place. So many voices talking at the same time. They put me on her stomach and she touches me. I feel her for the first time. I know it is her, and then they cut our life line. But she is still there. Each time they take me from her, I can't wait to be back to her, and they do bring me to her.

So this is life. This is what it is really all about. I am wrapped in a blanket and she puts me in her arms. I forced myself to open my eyes and I see this powerful light. It doesn't hurt but then it clears up. Oh I have a smart mom, she holds me to her heart. I hear my mom's heart, and it is her. This might be the only time, that we are one again. I can see her now, I am seeing love.

Everyone looks at me, loves me and prays for me. I feel very lucky now. It is time I become a life, a person and grow.

What will be in store for me now? The journey begins.
The one thing I do know since I have come into this world is that it is noisy and the chatter never stops. My mind never stops, My parents would always be talking to and teaching me. Then there was school. They taught me things from years passed to years ahead. Math, English, Reading, and on and on the list went. With my head trying to take all this in, I started to realize I could not only learn these things, I could use my mind to solve problems, to create things. Still I found no control to turn it off and my mind now was in constant war with me and itself. Please my family, do what the teachers tell me to do, respect authority and always learn about life.

Does the brain put all these things into is own folders and bring it up when you need it? Do our minds have a computer brain? If I am so smart why can't I learn certain things? I had to learn to think for myself. I was a teacher and a student at the same time. There were times when it was easy and other times when it was a challenge. Then add to this messy head of thoughts there are my friends. They too tell me what to do and how much fun it will be. Let me see your homework, can I copy some of it. Now I have to learn to really think for myself and the consequences it will have on me and others.

I know I am lucky too. I have a computer in my room so I can now have everyone with me on online. I am never alone to even think for myself. We also have cameras on computers. Now they can see me. Hey you look cool, or... oh honey, is something wrong? You don't look so good. However, I do have the will to turn it off, just to be alone. But, I also have unlimited cell phone and texting. Once again, no alone time for me. Bing...what are you wearing tonight? Bing red sweater and jeans...Bing no way, wear the pink sweater, Bing ok... Bing can't talk now, mom is coming...Bing C U.

Did you ever wonder what silence is?? Would you still have control over your mind? What happens to it, when you do stop thinking or can you? Above all, what would happen to the mind if it was without thought? Without the noise! Could there be such a thing?

I was getting a headache. My grades were good and my social life was busy..why did my head hurt and why wasn't I happy? I decided to take a bubble bath...Just one candle, no radio,no phone, just the warm bath, bubbles and the light from a candle.

The candle had a soft glow, and the bath smelled good with so many bubbles. As I sat in the water and laid back, I closed my eyes and took in the wonderful smell of the bubbles. My eyes popped opened as I remember I should have done this and I forgot about that. I looked at the candle and started to stare at it. I started to relax and I saw color around the light. An aura, I read about it, in one of the classes I didn't want to take. I am seeing it and I am not sure what the colors mean... So I laid back again and just watched it as the flame flickered around. Then something happened. I heard the bubbles popping. Who would of thought you could hear that. Each tiny one, was popping and disappearing. I start to smile as I remember listening to my cereal when I was a child with my mom, and we would laugh. Now I am hearing the tiniest bubbles pop! For the first time in my life, I found silence and I realize my mind was free from thought. It was free to hear and see things that I never realized my mind had such a capability.

My headache went away, and a smile replaced stress. I knew I would be the one who would control my mind. It isn't that difficult if you can find your place for peace. The mind was a wonder, both in silence and in noise.

When I left my bath and blew out the candle, I smiled and thought, I had just recharged my life battery and I was ready to go out.

I walked into my bedroom and Bing... are you coming tonight? I smiled and started to text and tell them, I was.
When I found out that the candle has an aura and you can hear the bubbles in the bath, I keep thinking what else is the mind capable of doing?

It was lunch and the gang was around, as we ate the subject came up, what would make you truly happy?

Oh a new sports car, nope I want new furniture, you have to be kidding me, those designer clothes are to die for. Hey lets not forget the all new phone with unlimited everything. The chatter was none stop. I sat there and just watched them and the excitement as each one thought of another wonderful material thing they wanted and could not live without.

Finally someone looked at me and said... Ok, great wise one of the bubbles, what do you think happiness is?

Well, things are material and after you have them you only want more of them, and each is better then the last one. The list and want will never stop.

Well, do you remember when I handed you water and you were so thirsty you grabbed the bottle only to find out is was frozen. The look on your face was priceless and we laughed so hard we couldn't stop. Each time we looked at each other we would laugh again and again. Honestly to this day I would smile just thinking about the expression of your face that day.

Yea that was pretty funny.

Then I was giving haircuts for friends of mine from church. Months earlier, their oldest daughter, who wasn't even a teenager, was practicing the piano and I mentioned my favorite song has always been Clair De Lune.. When I returned again to give them all haircuts and get my reward of Monkey bread.. I walked into the room and as I walked in, she started to play my song. She had been teaching herself this song, unknown to everyone just for me. That was the biggest and only surprise I have ever had in my life. You could see the surprised look on everyone's face. I was so shocked and so happy. Every time I will hear this song, I will always think of her. To me, she will always own it with that gift she has given me.

Another time I was leaving town on a plane and this little girl was so scared and crying as she was flying alone. I held out my hand and told her she could be with me. I then told her to pretend it was her first roller coaster ride. She would hold on to my fingers when she was worried and at age 6, she ended being a pro. But the best was when we got off the plane and her grandmother took a picture of us. What do I remember that makes me happy? ...her hug and trust in me.

Happiness is never material as it becomes the power of getting more and each will be bigger and better. But if you hear, I love you for the first time, or that first kiss, or those moments of uncontrollable laughter. Those "feel good" moments can never be bought but will bring warmth and a smile to you any time you need them.

Come on, does that really work that way? Yes, I had cancer and when I had this long hour test, were I couldn't move, I just went to my memory bank of something I loved. When the test was over, the nurse came out and stated, in her career, she has never seen anyone smile through the whole test. Peace of mind is slowing down and happiness is the wonderful moments you never forget and those memories bring happiness to you. .
You do know we all have mentors and they come and go though out our lives. Some we know and some we meet but each of them leaves us with more confidence and teaches us to believe in ourselves.

Have you had mentors and have you been a mentor?

Yes, to both. To name a couple in my younger age, a teacher gave me self confidence that I could be smart and do the projects I never thought I could. Later in life I met a man who is an author. He was the one who gave me all the confidence to write my books. I did complain about my short comings with spelling and grammar and he told me: "Many can edit but few can write", and this little Journey proved I could write. So he took my little secret of writing and gave me the confidence to just do it.

As far as me being a mentor. I was and didn't even know it until I read it: "My friend, common sense, helped me to use all of my previously uncultivated talent." She called me her Mentor.

Hey, that happened to me too. In my art class I was passing the time and drawing some designs. My art teacher was looking over my shoulder and then bent over and gave me some advice. I was surprised as I didn't even know she was there. Then she told me my designs were very good and I have a talent for this. This automatically gave me confidence and changed my way of thinking about what I could do. So this must mean, I met my mentor!

Did you ever just give up on something because you thought someone else was better? Then someone came along and told you what you bring to the table and that You have the talent to see this through. All of a sudden, you have a new passion because someone believed in what you were doing.

I believe that Mentors see who we really are and our potential. They are there to listen and help. Their common sense is a hug part of our trust, it encourages the positive in us. We learned that anything is possible, there are no locked doors, some times we just need to find a different key. Mentors see and seem to know who we really are and what we can do. They always see in us what others do not.
It is still dark outside and to me this is the worst part of winter, I love the light in the morning.... I reach for my CD player and put the ear plugs in so as to not wake anyone. I walk to the corner and sit on my pillow. I take some deep breaths through my nose and let it out threw my mouth. The best part of my day is when I sit and meditate. Most times it is just to relax and clear my mind. But at the holidays it is to gain control of my emotions and all that needs to be done. As the music plays and my breathing is with the rhythm of the music. My mind flashes from one thing to another, and I bring myself back to see a blank screen and leave out the clutter. In and out I breath and I can feel my muscles relax and I feel softer and I can tell I am drifting. I am never sure what will happen but today, it was the soft light and the comfort that came with it. No clutter. Nothing but just soft light that makes you feel as if you're on a cloud. I am not sure how long I was in that state but when I brought myself back, I felt wonderful.

Off I go to see the girls. We know it is a hard time of the year for some of us, and we decided to tell each other our favorite things. Things that will bring a smile to our face and it is just that in which we cannot wait.

Easy says one of these: "I enjoy the baking." "My best part is licking off the beater and cleaning the bowl." "Oh, mine is getting my hair done. It feels so good and I love it when I change the color each time as everyone looks forward to seeing what I will look like." The other one told us the story of going along with her church group to a senior center and helping out there. She told us about how funny they are and the stories they tell. Each has a problem but they love their stories and always say tomorrow will be a better day.

Hearing that I told the girls about how I meditate each day, how it keeps me centered and gives me control when anything unbearable happens, they asked: "Could you teach us?" Yes, but you can also go to the park classes as well. It's free and I have to tell you, when you see the bright, soft light, well, you feel as if everything will be alright. It changes you as you see the best in yourself and you see how things around you are changing you for the better or worse. It is like having a TV in your head and it's ok.

Wow, I think I'll sign up for that. Sometimes things aren't so good at home or work and I know it will help me. That, of course, and the chocolate that I seem not to be able to live without.
Life has had so many lessons for me and I realize the lessons never stop. I have tried and failed at so many things and when I finally decided to give up something wonderful happens. Many times I know I am so right only to find out I am so wrong.

When I search for the answers and I can't find them. Maybe I am not supposed to find them? Maybe I think that everything should go my way and that if I work hard for it, that means I deserve it?

I did discover something very powerful. If I fall 7 times, I always get up 8 times. When I thought about it, I am never down as I do get up.... Starting over isn't the easiest but, it is a way.
This new year has many blank pages. We aren't sure what will happen or where it will take us. This clean canvas is giving us a fresh start.

We can take our lives and make it bigger and wonderful or keep silent and watch life pass us by. We can try to fix what is broken and do what is right, while we are learning.

I have learned from the history books that the world is flat. AHH... you say, but people have thought that if you went too far, you would reach the edge and fall. Is it wrong to think one can go to their edge and they would fall over?

When you are living to your potential, you learn you can never see the total effects of a good deed or it's rippling effects, nor if we did something wrong, we cannot imagine how many it will effect. Standing on that edge comes with consequences.

We are always accountable for our dreams, ambitions and our actions.

In order not to fall over as we walk to the edge with our thoughts and dreams, we'll need to stand tall and think of our plan and know we can do this and make a difference without losing who we are and what we believe.
As the child walks in the sand towards the water, she sits and takes her pail and shovel and starts to dig and pile the sand to make her sand castle. Only she needs water to help the sand stick. She walks to the water and fills her pail and comes back only to go again and again. She sits there and the sun dries the sand faster then she can build... She looks and decides, it would be easier to build her castle closer to the waters edge. The child moves closer to the water and finds she has more then enough water. As she digs, the hole fills with water, and the sand castle becomes bigger with each pail full of sand. She pats and digs.

Without warning a big wave comes by and she is sitting in water and her sand castle is no more. She looks down, and just when tears start to appear, she notices a shell. Every were she looks now she sees a shell, small tiny ones and then she digs and finds bigger ones. She is now filling her pail with shells. She stands and starts to walk and look for more shells. Soon her little pail is full of shells. So many different kinds of shells.

She goes to her mother and shows her all her treasures.

How did you get so many?

I was building my sand castle when a wave washed it away.

Oh, I am sorry.

No mama, you see when it did I saw the shells.

I think we can wash them and even glue them around a frame.

We can make something from them?

Yes, we can as soon as we get home, and you will always have them.

The little girl sits there and smiles and doesn't even think about the washed away sand castle, only her pail of shells.

Nothing ever washes away. Only new opportunities come your way.

May the light always shine oh you,

I Dared to be Great. I never knew I was heading in that "dare to be great" direction. However, it just depends on what we think great is... However, It is many, many things.

It always confused me how so many can take pleasure in hurting a person or taking away their self confidence. As a child and teenager you feel the pressure of trying to please those you don't even like but they bullied you into believing they were right and that some how you needed them to please them!

I knew work would be the only way I would be able to get things, and most of all be recognized for doing my job. Even if it was only a paycheck, I earned it... When my co-workers gave me compliments and I was trusted to do more at work, my self confidence grew... I was becoming who I was suppose to be. I loved working and still do.

Life brought other moments in my life, death of friends, end of a marriage, and more self doubt. I still worked through things as it was the only way I could survive. I had to go to school for a new career so I could make extra money as my husband at the time said: "Here is what you get and the rest you need to come up with...." To my surprise I picked a career that I never dreamt I would pick. BUT, it came with shorter hours and tips, which would give me time to be with my children. I became a hair dresser and bought a shop and was good at it. Once again those around me built my confidence.

In life we think we know where we should get this self confidence and where the strength of life comes. BUT, it comes from different people and the need to survive it all. Strangers and friends were my angels of confidence. My strength to be great came from them. They made me a great friend, by example. They gave me self confidence by trusting in me and not making fun of me. Oh yes, once I was away from the bullying I could survive and become strong enough to do what I felt inside I could do.

It never happens over night, but if you try to control the "feeling sorry for yourself" attitude and move in the direction that is helpful to you, then that is where you need to go..

Life comes to us in storm like flashes of lighting , thunder and harsh.. But if you breath deep, you can see the smile and answers come to you on a soft cloud.

You can just do it, and you will be strong enough to move on to something else. Nothing or no one should ever take the greatness from you. Greatness is happiness inside. With whatever makes you happy will make you great. You could find that happiness with in your own life and children, working in sales or around people, famous or not so famous, a big career or a small one. The one that makes you feel good is the one that will Make You Great... Dare yourself and reach out and try to find that joy within yourself. It is your life, make yourself happy and greatness will follow.
I am talking, and now I am talking faster and louder. CAN YOU HEAR ME? All I want is someone to listen, someone who might think I have something worth saying.

Listen to me. It isn't about the world problems, or how to fix things. It is about me. Just me and I want to talk about me, us or anything that might pertain to the moment? Do you have a minute or more to give to me?

Why do I have to yell, or make a fool of myself just to get your attention. Look at me, when I talk to you. See my eyes and that will show you my soul. The soul of my conversation. When you hear my words, can you see them? Do I paint a picture of what I am saying. Do you feel my emotions when I am excited or sad?

If so, then you are hearing me, and you are seeing me. I feel like you care and what I have to say, whether it be funny or serious, it has meaning. Meaning to someone.

Don't you understand, each of us needs to be heard, cared about and to be seen.

Hear me. See my words. Give me a moment of your attention.